Behind the Brand Name

Sagebrush Annie was the name of the locomotive running along the Boise, Nampa, and Owyhee line in the late 1800s - 1947, in Idaho. My grandmother, along with her friend, drove the last load of steers out of the Murphy Stockyards onto the final train from Murphy, hence the name - Sagebrush Annie's Boutique. I don't have a picture of my grandma and her friend (she hates her picture taken), so I found the next best thing. This picture is of my grandpa - far right - and his friends, ranching out in Owyhee County.

I grew up in Murphy, ID, in beautfiul Owyhee County, population of about 60, where both sides of my family ranched and homesteaded. I now am based out of Hamilton, MT. It's been a dream of mine to own a boutique for YEARS! That dream has finally happened, and I'm excited to provide you gals with my take on fun, western fashion! I aim to be a boutique that offers a little something for "every western, wild heart!" Thank you for supporting this one-woman (and my helpful husband sometimes) show! Find Sagebrush Annie's Boutique on social media - @SagebrushAnniesBoutique - Let's be friends! 

Xoxo, Kayla
Matthew 5:14-16