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Rowdy Crowd Clothing

Showdown Sleep Set

Showdown Sleep Set

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Soft, light weight sleep set

True to Size

100% Polyester



Body length (from HPS to edge)- 77cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 41.5cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 52.1cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 52.6cm

Bottom sweep- 54.3cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 20cm

Bicep-below armhole- 20.2cm

Sleeve opening- 18.2cm

Central back length- 73.7cm

Armhole - curve- 23.6cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 34cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 49.8cm

Bicep - under crotch - 29.3cm

Bottom sweep- 27.3cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 28.3cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 37.3cm

Outseam length- 35.4cm


Body length (from HPS to edge)- 78.2cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 42.8cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 54.7cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 55.2cm

Bottom sweep- 56.9cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 20.5cm

Bicep-below armhole- 20.8cm

Sleeve opening- 18.8cm

Central back length- 74.8cm

Armhole - curve- 24.4cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 36.5cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 52.4cm

Bicep - under crotch - 31.9cm

Bottom sweep- 30cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 28.9cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 37.9cm

Outseam length- 36.7cm


Body length (from HPS to edge)- 79.5cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 44.1cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 57.3cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 57.8cm

Bottom sweep- 59.5cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 21cm

Bicep-below armhole- 21.5cm

Sleeve opening- 19.5cm

Central back length- 76cm

Armhole - curve- 25.3cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 39cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 55cm

Bicep - under crotch - 34.5cm

Bottom sweep- 32.5cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 29.5cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 38.5cm

Outseam length- 38cm


Body length (from HPS to edge)- 80.8cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 45.4cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 60cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 60.4cm

Bottom sweep- 62cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 21.5cm

Bicep-below armhole- 22.1cm

Sleeve opening- 20.1cm

Central back length- 77.1cm

Armhole - curve- 26.1cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 41.5cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 57.6cm

Bicep - under crotch - 37.1cm

Bottom sweep- 35cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 30.1cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 39.1cm

Outseam length- 39.3cm


Body length (from HPS to edge)- 82.1cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 46.7cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 63cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 63.4cm

Bottom sweep- 65cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 22cm

Bicep-below armhole- 22.8cm

Sleeve opening- 20.7cm

Central back length- 78.3cm

Armhole - curve- 27cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 44cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 60.2cm

Bicep - under crotch - 39.7cm

Bottom sweep- 37.7cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 30.7cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 39.7cm

Outseam length- 40.6cm


Body length (from HPS to edge)- 83.4cm

Across shoulder (seam to seam)- 48cm

1/2 Chest width (below armhole)- 66cm

Waist width (position-16cm below armhole)- 66.4cm

Bottom sweep- 68cm

Sleeve length (measure from shoulder seam)- 22.5cm

Bicep-below armhole- 23.5cm

Sleeve opening- 21.4cm

Central back length- 79.4cm

Armhole - curve- 27.9cm

1/2 Waist width (measure from top waist)- 46.5cm

Hips - 20cm below top waist- 62.8cm

Bicep - under crotch - 42.3cm

Bottom sweep- 40.3cm

Front rise (including waistband)- 31.3cm

Back rise (including waistband)- 40.3cm

Outseam length- 41.9cm



In order to keep shipping costs low for our customers, and to keep packaging material from being wasted, we try to save money on product packaging where we can. When you place an order, you may get boxes and/or packing material that is recycled and reused. It may not be pretty, but it's more cost effective, and more resourceful.

Most graphic tees are made to order, and I have several different artists who make the designs, and who ship directly to you to save on shipping time. Because of this, you may receive several different packages - Example: You order two graphic tees, but each are made by a different artist. You will receive two separate packages with each shirt AT MY COST :). I will also update each tracking number within the order, so you will know when each one will arrive. If you enter your email at checkout, those tracking numbers will be sent to that email on file. 

As for shoes, I have limited space in my home, so shoes I keep at a separate warehouse. They will ship directly from the warehouse, as well. Anything shipped from my home will go out same or next business day, holidays and Sundays excluded. Shoes and graphics may take a few days, depending on shipping you select at checkout. 

Return policy

Return Policy

Our number-one policy at Sagebrush Annie's Boutique L L C is to have  great customer service and happy customers. We understand life happens, and/or items ordered online don't fit. Please understand Our policy below for easy returns so we can provide the best possible customer service.
Items must be returned and received by Sagebrush Annie's Boutique 562 MD Circle Hamilton, MT 59840, no later than 14 days from the date you received your order. Items must be returned in their original condition with all tags still attached, no signs or wear and tear, no makeup or present stains from trying the garment on (this includes hats), free from animal hair/scent, or cigarette smoke. You are responsible for the shipping cost on a return. All returns that meet the criteria are eligible for IN-STORE CREDIT ONLY, we don't do exchanges. We cannot do exchanges within our shipping system because it does not allow us to create a shipping label. We have to have a pending order to fulfill within our system in order to create your shipping label, which is why you will receive in-store credit. In-store credit does not expire and can be used towards the purchase of any item from our website. We encourage ladies to buy the correct item they desire while it’s available, rather than waiting for the store credit to post because we CANNOT guarantee your desired size will be available once we receive your return even though it was available when you sent it back.

If you’re returning shoes, the shoe box may not be used as the sole shipping container; the box must be placed in another box or poly mailer as the shoe box is considered a part of the product. If your item is returned to us for any of the following reasons: (insufficient address, unable to forward, incorrect address, incorrectly entering your shipping address, or otherwise undeliverable) the customer is responsible for the cost of reshipping the item back to you. 

No returns on sale items, jewelry, slab phone grips, or buckles; these are considered a final sale. Any items/orders that are canceled will be issued an in-store credit in the form of a gift card sent to the email on file; we do not issue credit back to the form of payment.
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